Radical Freedom

Regardless of your past, I don't need you to relive it, but I do want to make sure you are not sweeping it under the rug pretending it never happened. Which then leads, just because it happened doesn't mean it define who you are and who you will always be. There is so much more to you. This program will begin to rattle your core to open your heart center. Regardless of what you have or haven't done the heart is the most giving yet reserved areas of our selves. A paradigm shift from your past into the present. 
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Meditation Bundle

4 High vibrational audio healings. Regardless of where you are in your journey, these 4 meditations open you up to a whole new vibration and
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3 Day Confidence Booster Pack

Learn the steps you can take to embody the mantra "I AM right where I need to be without cringing inside with disdain.
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Divine Mind Mastery

Learn to raise your consciousness,  take control of your mindset; to understand that the ego isn’t the enemy; you just have surrendered your power to it. The journey of taking your power back. Ridding yourself layer by layer of subconscious programming that has been instilled in you since the day you were born. You will learn how to obtain the highest mindset power that you have ever experienced.
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I AM [the self love journey]

This simple yet power 10-day exercise will begin to rattle your core to open your heart center. Regardless of what you have or haven't done 
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Discover Your Purpose

Gain access to my profound yet straightforward workbook for discovering all kinds of insight about yourself. This workbook will give you the
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Awaken Evolve Grow

An immersive, pre-recorded workshop that shows you how to find passion in your life by going an even deeper level of discovering your purpos
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Maverick Manifesting

Learn why most manifestation techniques you have tried, failed you. To discover the essence and purity of manifestation, to learn universal laws. Resources to aid you into the ancient universal principles and secrets behind manifesting. To give the ability to find the best method of manifesting that works for YOU.
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Money Mindset

Learn how much the world around you has influenced or taught you not so good money beliefs that are keeping you from having financial freedom.  Busting through the walls, the lies, and the programming you have been hiding behind all these years. It’s time for you to be abundant in all areas of your life.
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Goal Setting

Step by Step Workbook.
Simple goal setting strategies to create your most spectacular year ever!
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You are not mediocre.

Your life and your level of happiness is reflective of how you feel about yourself. Through choosing to look inward, you take ownership of yourself and you begin to awaken and embody the women you didn’t even know you were. By unveiling what is already there, your life will transform in ways you didn’t think were possible.

As a spiritual life and intuitive mentor, I work with women just like you all the time to get to the nitty-gritty of what’s holding them back from happiness. To heal wounds that keep them in a pattern of limiting beliefs. And to guide and support them as they transform their life and their self-worth from mediocre to extraordinary.