Maverick Manifesting by Danielle Aime

Maverick Manifesting

Do you ever wonder how some people make manifesting easy, while you stay stuck in an endless cycle of frustration and disappointment? You are likely jumping over what is most needed to manifest like a boss.
If you want to move forward in your manifesting game, Maverick Manifesting will give you the exact information and tools on how you can make that happen, step by step.

What's included?

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Core Material
Hello & Welcome
Aligning To Your Desired Manifestation
Transform Your Language
Getting Comfortable With Your Intution
My Most Powerful Manifesting Tool
Maverick Manifesting Set
Manifesting E-Book.pdf
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Fillable or Printable PDF Manifesting Journal
266 KB
My Top 12 Manifesting Mantras
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Using A Mala With Mantras
Meditation: Discovering Confidence From Core Wounds
Meditation: Manifestation - Open To Receive

You are not mediocre.

Your life and your level of happiness is reflective of how you feel about yourself. Through choosing to look inward, you take ownership of yourself and you begin to awaken and embody the women you didn’t even know you were. By unveiling what is already there, your life will transform in ways you didn’t think were possible.

As a spiritual life and intuitive mentor, I work with women just like you all the time to get to the nitty-gritty of what’s holding them back from happiness. To heal wounds that keep them in a pattern of limiting beliefs. And to guide and support them as they transform their life and their self-worth from mediocre to extraordinary.